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lineless art commissions

2013-07-14 20:06:53 by tabean


i am finally doing commissions

i'm starting out a little cheap with a lot of choices in styles
such as the lineless one!

i find that lineless art is really fun to do and i get positive feedback from my pals when i do them so why not incorporate them into the commission, right?

so if interested, go on this page to check out all the details!
it feels kind of odd trying to reword all of the info about the commission so i might as well link it

anyway, here is a preview of some of the examples i made for it.

peace out ng


2013-01-27 19:44:08 by tabean


if anyone out there is actually reading this, i would appreciate some ideas from you!
any interesting images, scenery, imagery, or even short stories that would spark some visual interests and perspectives would be loved.
i plan on challenging myself by illustrating and drawing new things so when i see something, i'll try my best to draw it out.



2011-10-22 21:24:49 by tabean

I could have sworn I made an newgrounds account before...

Maybe it's just my imagination.

Anyways, I'm glad to be a part of NG (again?).